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We know well it’s never about the size of a school, nor the size of a production crew, it’s about our vision, passion and commitment to excellence.  

As a student, few things in life gave me more joy and excitement than attending a Bonaventure basketball game in the Reilly Center.  Today, sharing this remarkable story of how our hoops program rose to national prominence, persevered through dark times and rebounded into national relevance is a matter of pride and respect.  Project Unfurl is bound to give back to future generations for decades to come.”

– Mike Camoin ’88 

Producer / Director

Mike Camoin


New York City-based Jim Papoulis composes, orchestrates, and conducts music for dance, film, ensembles, and choirs. His compositions are known for exploring new modes of musical communication by honoring and connecting classical and traditional forms with non-Western sounds. Jim’s distinct and ever-evolving approach unites classical with contemporary sounds, world rhythms, R&B, and voices, while combining live instruments with current composing and recording technology.  Jim is son-in-law to the late professor Dr. James “Big Daddy” Martini and is dedicating his time with us on behalf of his father-in-law, a life-long fan of Bona Basketball. 

Key Industry Advisors

Project Unfurl is guided by key alumni rooted in the industry of sport and entertainment.  


 We offer students a hands-on learning opportunity through ongoing mentoring and internship and where possible provide compensation.

Frank On Time

Interns share new technologies ...

Intern, Frank Schmeling shows off his new watch that controls Camera B, a 4K iPhone. Whitey Martin is intrigued!

which keeps our set running on time.

Dustyn Green (r), Frank Schmeling (c) interview Courtney Stockard (l) as director Mike Camoin (laptop) is patched in to conduct the interview.

Current and past interns include Frank Schmeling (’23), Dustyn Green (’24), Sean Casey (’24), Anthony DaSilva (’25), Colton Kimball (’25), Daniel Yearance (’21), Thomas Doyle (’21).

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Come Dance with Us

Make Movie History

PROJECT UNFURL is a story that only alumni and those closely tied to the Bonaventure community can tell.  With key industry advisors and generous donors like you, we have the power to share our story with a national audience.   If we don’t tell it, no one else will.  Every donation counts.  Let’s make movie history together!   Join our list of DONORS below.

Mary Beth and Freddie
Donors often join us on set. Ask how you can?

Steve Agosto

Joseph Aini

Michael Ambrosone

Tony Amstadt

Steven Barry

James Bonnes

Michael Brady

Brian Brennan

Timothy Brewer

George Buell

Tom Caffrey

Edward Carey

Carrie Carter

Mary Lou Cherinko

Julie Coppola Cox

John Doe

Franey Donovan

Colette Dow

Eddie Downes

Daniel Drain

Daniel Everson

Gary Faraci

Tim Finan

Sue Hewlett Bjarnar

John Hogan

Anne Holliday

Avery Hong

Willie Kelly (‘80)

Anthony Krupski

Chris LaPlaca

Tom Liotta

David McCarthy

John McGinley

Mike McGinn

Kenneth McGuinness

John Mordaci

Teresa Mulvaney

Mary E Nelson

Patricia Nye

Martha O’Connor

Peter F. Palumbo

Mary Claire & Kevin Patwell

Richard Penna

Rene Pochop

Mary Beth

Shea Wells

John Skinner

Martin and Mary Jean Stevens

Allegiance Test

Regina LaBella Tkacik

Susan Ulrich

Jim Wasilweski

Bobby Weise

Mary Ellen Wohlrab


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