Project Unfurl


Join us November 29th as we close out 2022 with one final push. Our story is extraordinary.  We are the smallest DI college to compete in the Final Four, win the NIT Championship and remain relevant.  However, our story has yet to be told.  This #GivingTuesday, be a light.  Together, we can shine a spotlight on this untold hoops history while we can!     New clips with Bob Lanier, Jim Baron, Essie Hollis, Jim Satalin, Dan Riley, Jay Bilas, Mike Davis and more … on their way.  GIVE Tuesday, Nov 29th.  GO Bonas!!


Extraordinary Lasting Words from Bob Lanier

In what is considered the last recorded personal interview with legendary Bob Lanier on Bonaventure campus, we stretch our 90 seconds about as far as we could.  Hear what Bob Lanier has to say reflecting back on 50 years, to new players and the role of Coach Schmidt.

The B & Bo Show

Whitey Martin, SBU ’61 precedes the Bee n Bo show reunited on screen for sneak peak into this extraordinary friendship, on and off the court.   

Bona's Hoops Tradition

After spending hours with Coach Jim Satalin you begin to realize the brotherhood behind Bonaventure basketball wraps an entire university community for generations.   Join us for a sneak peak into Bona’s great hoops tradition, discover why Fr Dan Riley, OFM stresses the importance of winning and glimpse Bill Butler’s extraordinary collection of memories from a perfect regular season. 

Jay Bilas to Appear in Project Unfurl

Respect for Bona’s hoops tradition runs deep, yet our story remains mostly untold. Project Unfurl sat down with ESPN’s Jay Bilas who not only played in the RC, he launched his Sports Analyst career commentating for the A10 and named the Reilly Center a TOP 10 College Arena in 2021.  

School Spirit that Continues

From the 1950s forward, the country knew us as the Brown Indians with a dominating home court record.   While the controversial mascot is no longer, we would be remiss if we glanced over the legendary stories generated by the student body which many consider the ‘heart of Bona’s basketball.’   Mike Davis ’72 played as a freshman and by senior year became the infamous “Brown Indian.”

Snubbed and Triumphant

Coach Schmidt rebuilt the Bonnies back to national significance thanks to dedication of so many players.  Hear from one of such player who experienced both the growing pains and victory lifting St. Bona’s back where it belongs, on the national stage.